Nick the fisherman

When you say “fish”, you say “Nick the Fisherman”. Besides seafood the restaurants only offers different kinds of salads.
In a nice atmosphere you can enjoy all the good things the sea can give.
Freshness is guaranteed.

Many Greek people have diner in the evening; that means it is a good restaurant.
The restaurant started in 1951 and the owner Larry is from a real fishing-family.

Nick is a perfect place to order the Mezedes.
Let the cook decide and you will be served up divergent courses.
One of the best main-dishes we ever had on Kos was the spaghetti with sea-food.

Please order one of the many ouzo’s with your diner. Nick the Fisherman is an ouzeri and they have about 50 different ouzo’s.

The bill is brought to you in a suitable way.

The restaurant is open from 1 o’clock pm untill the last guest leaves.
On Monday the restaurant is closed.

When visiting the restaurant Larry would appreciate if you mention you know his restaurant by internet.

Nick the Fisherman
Averof 21
tel. 0030-2242023098