Nestoras is one of the best restaurants on Kos. Especially Sunday-afternoon the restaurant is frequently visited by the local people.

Freshness of meat and fish is guaranteed and because the Greek people don’t want raised fish over here, it is caught by fishermen who are working for this restaurant.

Speciality is grilled fish which will be partly de-boned by the cook.
At Nestras I had the best Païdakia (lamb-chops).
Nestoras is also a perfect place to eat mezedes.

At day-time as well as night-time you can enjoy marvellous food in a pleasant atmosphere.
When the weather is nice you can sit on the terrace close to the sea.
Beginning 2010 the restaurant is fully roofed over.

When visiting the restaurant the owners Nestoras and Stefanos would appreciate if you mention you know their restaurant by internet.

Where can you find us:
The road along the coast heading Kipriotis, opposite the Jet Oil filling-station and hotel Platanista.

Psalidi – Kos
tel. 0030-2242023846