In the beginning of 2012 Yiorgos handed over his restaurant Argonavti to his son-in-law Ilias, who renames the restaurant To Dixtaki (the fishnet). Ilias is an experienced cook and gave an extra dimension to the place; beside a taverna it is also a “tsipouradiko”.

At this moment a tsipouradiko is something new on Kos. It works like this: guests order a small bottle of tsipouro and together with this they serve 3-4 small dishes with food. With the next bottle they serve again some different dishes. The food becomes more and more luxurious ervery time.

Of course you can also make your choise from the menu.

To Dyxtaki is specialized in sea-food, but they also have several meat- and vegetarian dishes.
You can spent a wonderful time at their terrace with sea-view.

The pictures at this site show some mezedes, starters.
With this Ilias shows what kind of specialties he can make with recepies from all over Greece.

When visiting the restaurant the owner Ilias would appreciate if you mention you know their restaurant by internet.

If you have a lunch or dinner at To Dixtaki and show the special offer, they offer you a delicious chocolate-crepe.

taverna tsipouradiko To Dyxtaki
30 G. Averof
tel. 0030-22420 26442