La Prima

At the sphere-full Diagora square Alex and Stefanos started La Prima in 2008. They already have a large number of regular customers.
Especially from the balcony-terrace you have a nice view on the square where many people pass bye. The balcony-terrace gives a special dimension to the perfect dinner you can get at La Prima.

The menu of La Prima has gives a clearly view of all the courses in different languages. They have courses with meat (they buy from the biggest butcher on Kos), chicken, steak/fillet and fresh fish. You can also get pizza’s, pasta’s and many different kinds of vegetarian food.
In the first place La Prima goes for quality!

At La Prima we had one of the most soft chicken-souvlaki we ever had on Kos.
We also found a course we haven’t seen somewhere else: mussels in wine/cognac or wine/ouzo. Very special and tastefull.
Or the mussel-saganaki: delicious!!!

Beginning 2013 La Prima had a small face-lift. The chairs at the terrace are renewed and the tablecloths are white and blue. Also La Prima is serving their house-wine (red, white and rose) is special made bottles. It looks more nice then serving it in glass karafs.

La Prima has about 40 chairs down and 40 at the balcony. There are also some chairs inside. The restaurant is also visited by the Greek people.

It is also possible to give them a call and they will pick you up from your hotel/apartment.

When visiting the restaurant Stafonos and Alex would appreciate if you mention you know their restaurant by internet.

Restaurant La Prima
Diagora square 8
tel. 0030-2242025220