Mikes taverna

Mike’s Taverna is situated in Lambi, halfway Polemiston Street. A roomy and cosy restaurant where many regular guests return year after year.

Mike picks the products he is using for his dished with care and you can taste this. Still the price is very reasonable.
The combination of good food, nice entourage and Mike, who always likes to have a chat, guarantee a perfect evening.

If you like Mike will de-bone the fish at your table.

If you visit Mike, have a look at his turtles. When there are young turtles Mike goes out to find them, because they have a little chance to survive in nature. He brings them up and puts them back in nature.
Mike and his wife Gina also are working together with the reception-centre of stray-dogs in Kos that is nearby their restaurant.

When visiting the restaurant Mike and Gina would appreciate if you mention you know their restaurant by internet.

Taverna Mike
Eth. P. Polemiston, Lambi (close to Moto Harley)
tel. 0030-2242024081